Chanel authenticity card..what is the difference?

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  1. Why some authenticity cards have on the high right that "white hologram circle" and some not?
    Is this a sign of fake? or it depends on the model?


  2. I think the Chanel posted in the second pic is a fake. That card would correspond to a VERY old bag - around 6-7 years ago, yet it's placed with a new dustbag and info card.

    As well, the quilting doesn't seem to be perfectly symmetrical on the bag - look at the way there is part of a diamond on the left, but none on the right side.

    I am not an expert, but I had thought that all the cards should have a hologram sticker.
  3. Thanks for the reply!
    anyone else?
  4. The older vintage bags authenticity cards did not have the little white circle. I think the white circles started around the number 5 give or take no more than a year.

    However, although the card should not have the white circle,I totally agree with Tweety, and that its a fake bag. If the authenticy card began with a 3 that means the bag is old. It should not have that style dustbag or the care booklet. The dustbag would have been white, and the carebooklet should be shiny and black with gold trim.

    Again, I also agree with Tweety on the quiliting. It is not lined up correctly at all. It should be consistant and its not.
  5. Yup looks like someone did a swap. new cards and dustbags with a fake bag :P

  6. Thank you, you're so helpful!:flowers:
    BTW, i'm not an expert of Chanel, so i did not know that's a fake:P
    So, new bag have white circle, older doesn't..
  7. Yes, that's correct... :yes:
  8. Speaking about the authenticity cards.... I have found an extra one in a bag that I have. It belong to one of my others (a couple are missing it). Does the serial represent anything? How can I tell what the number means? Year of issues? Season? Style?

    # is 11251397 w/ the white hologram circle.
  9. Pretty much tells you the year. For example, since this number is 8 digits it means the card starts with an 11, making the bag a 2006-2007 model.

    If the bag only had 7 digits, it would mean the hologram would have started with a 1, making it a much older bag.
  10. Oh yah, I have talked w/ my girlfriend about this as well. If it starts with 11 its the 2007, 10 would be last year, and 9 would be 2005. THANKS!
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    Hello, could anyone tell me the difference of this two authenticity cards? They have the same # year, but one with white hologram and the other don't have. I thougt maybe the second one is not the authentic card..since i've read that the white hologram started at #5. Any futher explanation? TIA
  12. Yikes...the second one is badly, badly fake.....
  13. yes it is,the second one is fake. thanks!
  14. hello, about the authenticity card... i'm wondering about the white circles... how about this one?
    chanel.jpg auth.jpg