Chanel authenticity basics

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  1. Excuse me if this has been asked before or goes in a different area... I'm new to Chanel and need a rundown on the basics from you ladies. How does one determine an authentic Chanel bag? Is there a date code like LV? Can you tell by looking at them? Can you take them into the boutique and have someone check them out? I've seen a couple on reputable second hand sites, but with all the knock offs out there, I have no idea what's legit anymore. I've heard of fakes being sold with authenticity cards so I don't know whether real bags have cards, or if they're useful? I read a few "how to tell fake Chanel" guides online as well as ebay, but they all had conflicting information?? And from pictures of bags I've seen on here, depending on style or the year they were made, half of them would be questionable according to the ebay guide I read (which is more than likely inaccurate). Is there any fool-proof method or do you just have to 'know' your bags? Thanks so much for any hints or info! If it's too difficult to tell I would rather just buy from Chanel directly, but I figured to save a little, it's worth at least looking into other options :smile:
  2. You should check out reference library first about the basics.

    Most of your questions can be answered there. Read them first

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    Basics are easy things to look out for are: I can only speak for the popular Double flap 2.55 Lambskin Starting from vintage Chanel bags with gold hardware you'll notice that the gold hardwares are in 22k gold plated to very high quality and feel heavy in your hand,if the serial numbers are 7 digits then item were manufactured in the 80s-90s,comes in 2 sizes 9" and 10".If the item was made in France there should be a symbol marking on the closure CC ,stitch counts minimum 9 stitches per square,quilted squares aligned throughout of the bag of the bag .Authenticity card border should not be hologram but only gold border.The Chanel and made in France gold stamps are directly opposite each other inside the bag The over all integrity of the bag has to be upright and interior lining always in place with perfect fit in 4 corners.Vintage bags usually comes with small white felt dust bag .8 digits serial numbers indicating bags were made in the year 2000 and beyond and no more than 8 digits.Gold hardware are pale gold colour ,stitch counts are a bit less which is unusual but I have seen bags in store with only 8 stitch count per square.Chanel ,Made in France gold stamps are together directly beneath the stitched large Stitched interlock CC Unlike the older version of the bag see above.Dust bag come in black colour and made of cotton material.Most recent chanel 2.55 bags comes with Karl larger field white checked with coco chanel sketch printed outside.I hope this helps a bit :smile:
  4. As a community, we have chosen not to discuss authenticity tips. The counterfeit trade makes a huge amount of money and we prefer not to educate them :smile:
  5. It's best to use a 3rd party non-biased authentication service for matters of authentication. Authentication services are offered right here on tPF as well as by Etincelier Authentications and Carol Diva just to name a couple.

  6. Thank you! Super helpful actually, I had no idea where to even start. Lots of info on here, can be overwhelming to sift through especially with so many different bag styles!
  7. Understandable! I guess I'm just wondering what the "main" identification methods are. Like not necessarily specifics about bags themself, but if the bags are supposed to have a model number in them (like an LV)? And do all the bags come with an id card? I've seen fake Chanel bags online that have id cards, so it's really confusing!
  8. Thank you! :smile:
  9. Decent counterfeits come w/ all applicable items like hologram, card, booklet, dustbag, etc. . . you cannot assume it's real because it has those things and a receipt.
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