Chanel Authenticator Recommendation


May 16, 2013
Northern BC, Canada
Good Evening. I recently came in to possession of a Chanel Brooch and I am looking to have it professionally authenticated. I know almost nothing about authenticating Chanel but felt comfortable enough that it was authentic that I purchased it. After doing some research I am even more confident that it is authentic. The hallmark on the back of the piece is correct for the date (fall 2012) and the brooch itself is amazing, but would like the peace of mind of having it properly authenticated. Ten years ago when I first got in to designer goods there were not many options for authentication and I think the ones who were top choice back then are no longer top choice so I am looking for suggestions for authenticating a Chanel brooch. I have found Etinceler, however their website seems really simplistic I am wondering if they are top choice and if not who would be.

Thank you in advance