Chanel at work

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  1. Hi ladies-Do you wear your chanel to work? PPL talks...:tdown: they have been asking me where I got all the $$$ to buy so many handbags.....:cursing:
  2. I use mine one's dared to ask!
  3. I do - and no one notices but me.
  4. Yes, I wear mine to the office. But, I work with my DH :winkiss:.....funny, sometimes he asks the same thing.....hahahahaha.
  5. Where I work, there are very few women (architecture firm). It's a small company, and all the girls carry designer bags. I don't think the guys even notice. So I've begun carrying my Chanels although I was EXTREMELY reluctant to do so (I used to strictly carry my nonlogo Longchamp to work).

    I would never carry a designer bag to work if I received flak for it. Something as important as your career is not worth the "Well, why shouldn't I if I want to" mentality. Yeah, it's not right for people to judge you, but they do so anyway... unless you don't carry that bag!
  6. i work as a freelancer, so people don't really bothered other people with questions about their bags :p
    but sometimes, i'm a bery sloppy person and i put any of my bags on the flor (clean floor or carpet btw). people would out it on the table or seats because they know they're pricey LOL i just hate to be someone who put their designer bags in table (seems showy) or seats (and not giving space for people to sit)
  7. I work from home so nobody dare judge me!!! :p

    When I used to commute to the office, no one cared and honestly, I only think two gals really knew the designers.

  8. LOL!!!:roflmfao: Too funny!!!
  9. Unemployed, but I might feel wary if I were working, only because I'm young.
  10. I wear mine everyday to work otherwise I won't have an opportunity to wear them.
  11. I do..and no one says anything..
    the other ladies here use LV
    anyway, ppl in Malaysia (where I'm from) would say a lot when I used my bags though..
  12. I wear my chanel stuff to work. I never really thought about it being a bad thing! when I walk through the building some of the guys call me "Hollywood" when I have my Chanel sunglasses on. ;) I take it as a compliment!
  13. Yes, but my whole field is about selling "image" so it really isn't a big deal. Now if I worked for a non-profit or something, it may be a different story. As it is, I am not out of place.
  14. i work in fashion so it's fairly common for people to carry around designer bags in NYC's garment/fashion district. but, i'm still a beginner in my field, so to go under the radar and not bring in any attention, i only carry my modern chain tote and flip it around when i get to the office (so the double C logo doesn't show). ;) i don't want my bosses to think i'm being paid enough!
  15. oh definitely. I carry them everday. I don't really care about what others think, where I used to work I got alot comments from older ladies who knew the brand.. But people should not judge you, no one knows the circumstances on how you got your bags.. could have been a gift, could have inherited it,could have found a great deal at a consignment shop. or you just saved up your money and bought what you desired..