Chanel at winners

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  1. Okay of my friends just texted me that there was a Chanel m/l classic flap at...none other...than Winners (in Canada). It was marked down to $4000 Canadian (usually $4600 in Canada I believe).

    I guess winners does have a "runway at winners" spin off, but I was shocked that a classic flap would be there. Could there be any possibility that it is fake? Defective?

    I am tempted to make my way down there to take pictures and have it authenticated.

    What do you ladies think? Have you ever seen something like this?
  2. I don't know much about or have experience with Winners, since I'm not in Canada, but I would for sure take pics and let it authenticate here... Because it's cheaper than retail price doesn't automatically mean it's fake but I would go the safe way and let it authenticate before I buy it
  3. Very strange but the other day someone posted a picture of a Chanel J12 watch at Costco. So maybe it is authentic, i would go and check it out and see if it comes with the authenticity card and dust bag. You could also take the card number and confirm with a Chanel Boutique if it is authentic.

  4. I'm not that surprised, I've seen prenza Schouler PS 11, Alexander wang black Rocco in Rose gold hardware. Which winners? the one on queen and Portland? Just curious
  5. I saw a j12 in black and in white with dimonds at tjmax at the Beverly Connection for 13,500 each
    Everyone that worked there said it had been sitting for several week . So I belive it may be real for you as well . Department stores sale their bulk to these companies .
  6. Winners Calgary Signal Hill.
  7. TBH I would never buy chanel from anywhere but a chanel boutique. I am actually really saddened to see a classic chanel flap at a known discount department store. It does nothing but tarnish the brand. Shame on Chanel.
  8. +1
  9. Omg i saw it too. It was a vintage piece from club monaco. I tried it abd i don't think its worth it.
  10. I love that location…saw a Hermes watch and Loboutin pumps a while back - can't wait to go visit when i get back from UK
  11. This is like that ohmy I saw Chanel at Costco *gasp* thread. It doesn't really matter where they are, as look how we congratulate all the people who find great deals on sale bags such as the python taj mahal (still selling full priced in Chanel boutiques) or the odd classic flap at a great sale price, or the metallic reissue WOC, the chevron bags, I could go on and on. Is it really that different??? It's a bag (or shoes or watch) at a discount and it's not going to hurt Chanel one iota. Personally, I'd be glad if someone was able to get a discount on a Chanel bag.
  12. I disagree. I think if it happens the odd time it will not hurt Chanel. But, if this happens more often it most definitely will. It is difficult to see them as a luxury brand if too many of the bags are being sold at Winners beside half price shampoo.
  13. surprised!
  14. Here is where we will agree to disagree. Nobody screams "Oh no, poor Chanel" when they are raking up the sales purchases (even some that SA's do incorrectly) but find one in a store and everyone is up in arms! Inconsistent much?

    I don't think a huge corporation such as Chanel is going to be hurt by anything. I don't know what a Winners is, but I know what Costco is, and having a Chanel watch or bag at Costco doesn't hurt Chanel's bottom line one tiny bit. Same as the sales that everyone flocks to twice a year, posting what they get and how awesome it is. It is awesome, and I'm glad they found things on sale. That I don't have the same luck, i don't begrudge anyone. I am happy they find what they do. It's on sale whether it's at Chanel, NM, BG, Saks, Bloomie's, or Costco (and probably Winners, whatever that is). I'd also love half-priced shampoo, too! I wonder if I should call and see if they carry my brand?
  15. Winners is a TJ Maxx store