Chanel at the Sartorialist!

  1. I'm not sure if any of you view the Sartorialist webpage but he posted the most amazing picture of a beautiful lady dressed in black Prada, with the most gorgeous Chanel bag! Can anyone help with the name of this bag? You can find it at xxx the picture is for Saturday 29th September and is from Milan.
  2. Even if you don't know what bag this is -I hope you enjoy the post!
  3. That's a great blog. :yes:

    Sorry but I have no idea what that bag is but I like it!
  4. looks like the big perfect day bag but not too sure...
  5. geat blog, thanks
  6. it looks like a lambskin bag... could it be a vintage classic?

    wow this site is so cool. i love their style!
  7. It is the "perfect day"!Thanks for sharing!:smile:
  8. sorry, we don't allow any links to other blogs/Forums.
    You are welcome to post a photo and credit the Sartorialist, but please do not post links.