Chanel at Saks

  1. I'm so ready for Thursday so I can go to Saks that took the day off to have an early start! :yahoo: I visited the one in Palm Desert today and I was slightly disappointed because they have a small Chanel selection. But, on the bright side, I did see a bag I hadn't seen before.

    Since I won't be going to the Palm Desert Saks on Thursday, I need to choose a different one to shop. Right now, I'm torn between the Saks at South Coast Plaza and the one in Beverly Hills. Which Saks is everyone else going to...and is anyone else excited about Thursday?
  2. Beverly Hills will have a MUCH better selection than South Coast Plaza! Good Luck!
  3. Saks/South Coast Plaza does not carry Chanel
  4. Sorry. I haven't been following what's going on at Saks . are you talking about the gift card event?
  5. ^yes they are. It's tomorrow.
  6. Oh my!!! you're right because they have a Chanel boutique. Chanel is inside NM at Fashion Island. Well, it looks like I'll be in BH tomorrow.