Chanel at Saks Chevy Chase

  1. Here are pics the SA sent me from Saks Chevy Chase. Some more to drool after.....
    Contact Laura (she's really sweet and went through the trouble to post pics to me). (240) 497 5358
    She's also taking pre-orders for the cruise collection which she says will arrive in a month or two.
    :heart: :drool: :heart:
    BG bowler.jpg chanel.jpg classic.jpg clutch.jpg flap.jpg
  2. Some more pics. Apologies but she did not tell me the bag names or the prices. For those more in the know, maybe you could chip in. I am liking the BQ bowler more and more....
    frame bag.jpg gold flap.jpg hidden chain red.jpg silver flap.jpg tote.jpg
  3. Thanks for the pictures.
  4. Thanks for posting those pics, bagmad73:yes:
    I love the third one on the first row, and the forth one on the second more bag fund for the rest of the year.:crybaby:
  5. Oooh, what is the first one in the 2nd row?
  6. Thank you for posting! Laura rocks!!! I just called and she is sending me the patent clutch! She has one more left...if anyone else is looking for it.
  7. thansk for the pix..any1 know if these are going to be on sale for the pre-sale??? thx
  8. the BQ bowler...

    I'd definitely get it, if I didn't have the Sharpey flap...:s

    Thanks for posting..
  9. Thank you very much for sharing the pictures! I got two chanel at last Saks EGC event... not sure I should get one more before the price increase....
  10. Love the patent clutch. Enjoy yours imgg!
  11. Thanks for the pictures...the second row...first the Chanel Soho...this bag was a part of the spring summer 2007 collection...the price as of 10/10/07...was $2650.00...Happy bag hunting...
  12. Is the gold and silver bag in the second row of pictures going to increase in price in Nov.? Or have they already increased the prices?

  13. omg... what is the fourth bag in the second row?
    bagmad73... im going to be officially bankrupt if u post any more pics... My hubby already put me on a serious bag ban after i purchased the ultimate soft... then i saw your pic for the pink lambskin classic... i had to get it... im in very heavy debt right now :p
  14. i love the fourth bag in the second row too!
    how much is it? omy what do i do! i hope the havent increased the price on this baby!
  15. I just want to know what is the size of the 3rd one at the 1st row and the 4th one at the 2nd row? Thanks!