Chanel at Off 5th or NM Last Call

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  1. What Chanel bags or wallets can I find at either of these stores? How much do the wallets usually run? I am getting a GST in a couple of weeks and would love to have a new wallet too.


  2. I just visited both outlets in Katy, Texas and there were no signs of anything! They had some MK, Betsey Johnson, Juicy, Prada, Cole Haan but no Chanel. Sorry!
  3. only thing at mine is iPod cases for $128 and there was a shearling bag for a while. Chanel is very difficult to get at NM Last Call, have NEVER seen any Chanel at Off 5th though:nogood:
  4. I think I'm going to go check the ones near me tomorrow and I will let you all know if I find anything. I'm almost positive the last time I was at one of those stores I saw a couple of Chanel wallets and a couple of bags. I might be wrong though! I'll let you know tomorrow! :biggrin:
  5. been shopping at off 5th for a while and the only Chanel I spotted was a passport holder. No wallets.
  6. I love shopping at Off 5th, but have never seem any Chanel bags there. On occasion, they have a few of the Chanel apparels. Then those handbags in NM Last Call (Great Mall) are :tdown:, haven't seem any Chanel either.
  7. Last year at the NM last call I saw a pink cambon bag. I can't remember the style name, but that's the only chanel I"ve seen at the outlet. I've never seen a Chanel at off-Saks.
  8. sorry to invade girls but what is 'off 5th' and where is it?:confused1:

  9. Sarcal, which Off 5th or NM Last Call did you go to?
  10. I never ended up going. I called the Last Call outlet near me and the woman said that they have been having a sale since June 22, so they were cleaned out and only had a couple of Christian Dior wallets. So, I didn't bother going. I'm in Atlanta btw.
  11. Last september at NM Last Call they had a designer shoe and handbag event. They had a lot of Chanel cambon items in all different colors at really marked down prices. This is the only time that I have ever seen Chanel there.
  12. I have never seen Chanel at any outlet except for the Chanel in woodbury commons. Wallets range from about $550 to $650 or you can get one of those half wallets where you have to fold your bills a few times for about $350.
  13. Off 5th is the Saks Fifth Ave outlet.
    I know they're in Texas, not sure where else:shrugs:
  14. there is an off fifth in Long Island NY.
  15. There are two in the Atlanta area-one at Discover Mills and one at the North GA Outlets.:rolleyes: