Chanel at NM in Tyson's Corner

  1. Hello,

    I am going to return a off white hobo that's square in shape and has a small CC logo on it. If you are interested, I would rather it go to a tpfer. Please PM me and maybe we can arrange to go to the store together and I could return it and you can purchase the bag. it's beautiful and I was lucky to snatch one b'c I was there so early in the morning. :yes:
  2. i forgot to mention that the bag was on sale for about $1,500 tax included. I guess this should go on the chanel subforum instead then.
  3. would be interested, love chanel and need white. However I am in the city and can not get to Tyson's corner, could we go about this a different way. Alsso could you provide a photo? Please e-mail me at if interested