Chanel at Korea, Incheon airport? Do they have a good variety of bags there?

  1. Yes, it appears I'm stalking all the airport Chanels. My Dad will be popping by the Incheon airport next week and I'm hoping that they'll have the new classic flap with mm lock and bijoux chain in red. Or, the normal classic flap with bijoux chain in red. Would love to hear from anyone who's familiar with the shop at the airport. Do you think I'll have any luck? Thanks!
  2. I love the Chanel in Incheon. They do have alot of's a rather big store considering it is in an airport. I also find they have some cool jewellery that I can't find in Canada so I tend to always buy accessories there.
  3. I personally think Incheon has the best duty free stores among the countries I've traveled so far. It's more like a mall, there are 2 Chanel stores there, both carry lots of bags, jewerly and some clothes. There are multiple Guccis, Ferragamos, Burberrys, Hermes, Fendis and Diors. :tup:
  4. Heeeeee! This is definitely good to news! Thanks a bunch!
  5. Does anyone know the price of lady Dior medium parent leather at Korea? Thank you :smile:
  6. When i was there in March this year, the Lady Dior in the medium size at the Duty Free shops was $3600 USD.
  7. This is nice to know for future trips.
  8. how about footware? I'm looking for Chanel boos, will be in Soeul in early Dec
  9. Thank you so much :smile:
  10. good to know! I'll be travelling to Korean next year, can't wait to check out the store.