Chanel at Harrods sale today

  1. There are many bags from the past collection.
    The patchwork flap, Tennis tote, baby animal collection, and etc. but I saw the baby animal costume jewellry for sale including earrings, charming bracelet, brooch, and also the necklace. Wowww.........but I bought none of it. I have no money left for shopping. Just to let you guys know if someone will like to have them.:tup:
  2. thanks for letting us know :smile:
  3. Crap....wish i was in the UK for this sale!!!!
  4. Thanks for the info Vicky! ;)
    Hopefully I'm able to check out the sale this Wed..
  5. Go tomorrow darling :tup:
  6. Hi Vicky, thanks for the info. :yes:
    May I know if the necklace is a long or short one?
  7. Thanks for the info! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks,I hope in UK.I like patchwork flap.

  9. Crap I really want to be at this sale, it sounds amazing! Thanks for the info, it is fun to drool and dream!
  10. thanks for the info, do they ship to the United States?
  11. Thanks for the info! I'm going to Harrods tomorrow. Can't wait. :drool:
  12. I went to Harrods on Monday afternoon and they only had a baby animal charm bracelent and two brooches.:sad: I ended up buying a pair of Chanel denim flats with camellia on it.;)

  13. I'm pretty sure they ship to the US i was going to purchase something from their store but the price to ship is pricey i think?
  14. I can only dream I am in UK! You lucky people! I am so jealous!:crybaby:
  15. I also went on Monday, but I didn't see anyhing nice at all, and it was too crowded!!!!!!!!