Chanel at Doha Airport?

  1. Has anyone ever shopped at the Chanel store at the Doha airport? I have a layover there in August and I am curious about pricing vs. US prices.

  2. Hi, when I was there last month it was closed for renovation but I believe that it just sells/sold watches and fine jewelry. I would really hope it reopens a as a proper store like in Dubai - since Doha is my fav airport to call at on my long haul flights.
    If you happen to have a look in the near future please let me know!And safe flight! 😘
  3. Thank you so much! Will do!!

    Do you happen to know how prices in Dubai/Middle East compare with US or EU prices? Assuming they are more expensive, but just curious.

    Thanks again! :smile:
  4. I shopped at the Dubai airport a few weeks ago and the SA confirmed me that the prices - already tax free - are a 5% more expensive than in continental Europe. Which on a bag is a sensitive difference but on the costume jewelry for instance it is hardly noticeable. What struck me in Dubai was the great availability of many different items including past collections! I was lucky enough to find a brooch (the Place Coco one) that I had missed! And - needless to say - they are open 24/7! 😍