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  1. I noticed a few Chanel items on this site. Are they authentic? I thought Chanel was not sold on line.:confused1:
    I'd like to purchase a cute bag, but concerned it might be fake. Please advise before I make a mistake!
  2. Most definately fake! Authentic Chanel is not sold online.
  3. I know that chanels are not sold online but as far as the other items on diabro like chloe bags they're real.... so i don't know?
  4. Wow, this gets confusing when normally legit sites also offer fake items. Makes me leery about buying online at all. Guess I'll just wait to get my first Chanel like I'd planned, since I'm going to France in July.
  5. By the way, FijiBuni, I have a cat named Tinker too!
  6. has a good rating for authentic fendi's belenciaga, and chloe but I am not sure about chanel
  7. i've heard they sell authentic diors as well.
  8. please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! thread we provide:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.