Chanel at Costco

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  1. Ok ... I don't usually post in here, and this is an offshoot of a recurring LV thread theme that keeps popping up. Sorry if this is old or boring, but can any of you Chanel experts confirm if authentic Chanel is sold at Costco? Someone responding to an LV thread on this topic and said they got a Chanel watch from Costco. If so, why? I don't understand. I've never been inside a Costco, but isn't it a wholesale club? I am deeply disturbed by the prospect of authentic Chanel or LV being sold there.
  2. ^ that's quite odd..i've never seen handbags or any luxury goods of that matter being sold in costco
  3. ^^ I agree. Has to be fake, right?
  4. VERY STRANGE!!! I have never seen a Chanel of any sorts in Costco. I don't trust buying luxury items at wholesale warehouses even if they did have them there.
  5. well, in the UK, they sell fendi and chloe bags (but have never seen anything Chanel), they are definately authentic but work out no cheaper after paying vat than buying from a store, and who wants to buy their designer bags in costco!!! ;)
  6. No always. It could be grey market items that are authentic or they could have gotten authorization to sell just the watches. My little small time optometrist sells Chanel eyeglasses.
  7. no most likely its not fake. costco has tightened their processes on obtaining luxe brand items. I've heard of BV, Gucci, Burberry & other name brand bags being sold at costco. it is quite disturbing. can you imagine, going to costco, picking up some feta, tofu and a bag and slap it all on the belt.

    once luxe brands sell their items to other vendors and distributors, they are free to sell it to whomever they want to get rid of the merchandise. :sad:
  8. Yeah, I didn't mean to imply that it has to be fake (even though that's what I wrote). But, don't you think they are real but being sold illegally. Why would Chanel, a brand that has an active campaign on upping the price on items so as to capture some of the exclusivity back then turn around and allow Costco's to sell? Or LV, a brand that never goes on sale -- ever. I don't think this can be legal. shamsi, eyeglasses are different b/c most, if not all, designers give licenses to optomotrists and eyeglass stores to see thier goods. It doesn't make business sense for them not to.
  9. ^ I didnt mention eyeglasses lol ;)
  10. ^ yeah, i saw it and edited it. sorry ...
  11. I saw Fendi, Burberry, Prada, Coach, CK bags/wallets at Costco occasionally over the past 3 years. I'm not sure about the authenticity, but they looked real. They store the bags in the glass cabinet, so I can't really checkout the bag. The costs are usually about 75-80% of the original retail price. They are usually the basic models which didn't really get me to buy. For me, I would rather shop at the boutiques unless they are really a good deal.

    However, I was lucky to buy a real Prada pink nylon bag for $60 at the Designer Depot in Toronto. It came with auth. ID card & info card about the model of the bag. Actually, I didn't know it cost only $60 they scan the price tag, because the tag was markered with $250. I was really surprised & basically I ran to the car after I paid in case the store manager changed her mind. LOL.

  12. i understand your frustration. I myself paid full price on a a luxe bag only to see it on the costco website almost a year later for about 700 less. No its not illegal. The reason why it is not illegal is because once the designer house decides to sell outside the house itself, its fair game where the items go. I had this discussion with a BV rep not too long ago. They sell their products to outside sources for major dept stores as well as smaller boutiques all across the world. If these places don't sell the items, they are going to sell them to someone else for more of a loss. It usually happens with items that were never really in demand during the season in which they came out.

  13. I'm curious now... I wonder what that 'watch' looks like
  14. I see Prada, Burberry, and Tag watches at my Costco. The bags seem to come and go, but the Tag watches have been around for several years now. I don't doubt their authenticity for a second.
  15. Oh yes, as for watches. There have Gucci, Mont Blanc, Rado, EA, etc.