CHANEL at clubs

  1. Hi there!

    Would you consider bringing a CHANEL bag in clubs/bars/concerts where you know you'll be bumping with other people all night? If so, which CHANEL would you bring?
  2. Personaly, I would not because I love my Chanes soo much and I would be scared of losing it/ someone stealing it or damaging it. However, it also depends what type of place/ area you are going to- if it is somewhere really flash then maybe I would bring my Chanels, perhaps a classic flap that can be worn messenger style so that I am hands free and can drink/ dance freely without having to worry
  3. I wouldn't for several reasons, one being the stench of smoke:yucky:
  4. Depends on what kinda concert I think. I brought mine...but it was an inside concert with "older" mosh pits or anything lol
  5. I think chanel smaller flaps would look so hot in a classy disco!
  6. Hmm, I personally wouldn't, just because I tend to get stuff spilled on me, just a few drops sometimes, and I wouldn't want to endanger la Chanel :smile:
  7. Agree completely!
  8. No way - this is when my trusty LV canvas comes in handy... the drunken spills just wipe off! :p
  9. def. not to concert, but i would to a club :p
  10. Balenciaga FIRST to a concert.

    Chanel to dinner to club.
  11. I've brought my diamond stitch to clubs, no problems. I say small-medium bags are fine at clubs and maybe smaller concerts.
  12. never bring a nice bag to a club ... maybe to a lounge but def not a club ... bring a cute cheap clutch to a club .. your gonna get drinks on it either way
  13. I usually bring my pink caviar (medium size) :smile:
  14. I dont think I would...I hate to get my bag dirty..
  15. No way !!!