Chanel at CDG T2E

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  1. If you are flying from CDG to a destination within the EU, you likely won’t even fly out of a Terminal 2E, Gate K where the Chanel is located since that gate is reserved for flights with destinations outside the EU. CDG is an enormous airport and getting from terminal to terminal or even gate to gate takes a lot of time and there are separate security entrances to each gate where you have to show your boarding pass. Sometimes security will let you through if you have a boarding pass for a different gate and explain you want to shop at T2E, Gate K, but even then I don’t believe the shops can sell to you duty free if your boarding pass has a destination within the EU because in order to shop duty free the goods must be leaving the EU. GL
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  2. Will there be any chance of having any Small CC Trendy at the airport? Seasonal colours are ok too. Not looking for Black.

    Am going into 2E in Dec.
    Not sure if I shld get from my local store.. or wait till I pop by CDG in Dec.
    But also need to consider... there'll be a price increase by then.
  3. Thanks for the info! I’ll try and share my experience when I return!
  4. I have my husband travel from T2E this Sunday. Hope he can get a small CF in black lamb for me!!
  5. Just wondering, for those who purchase from Chanel at 2E, are those on display generally the ONE and only left or do they keep 1 or 2 more at the back?
    Was thinking, if i wana get smthg in Lambskin and given its delicate nature, if its a display piece, it'll be quite worn out.
    I dont really wana pay premium for smthg that wasnt scratched by me and looks worn and tire out.
    Thanks for any input!!