Chanel at Bluefly?

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  1. I occasionally look at the stock at Bluefly and noticed they seem to have more Chanel handbags, jewelry, scarves, and shoes then ever before. Has anyone ever purchased from there before? Are they authentic? There were these two gorgeous Chanel charm bracelets but were sold out. They were going about $500 something each.
  2. Yup, I recently purchased some Chanel boots that were completely sold out at the Chanel boutiques (from Fall 2005) and when they were available at Chanel retailed for $2,900. I got them for at 30% off retail. I saw the same boots sell on eBay recently for $3,700.:yahoo:
  3. Wow, what a great buy!! Yea, I was eyeing some of the boots but I have kinda big feet (9.5) :crybaby: so I always have trouble finding cute shoes. But I'm really bummed those charm bracelets sold out cuz they were soooooo cute!
  4. and dam i was loving them boots
    they look sexy as hell !!!!
  5. THANK YOU! I love them too.
  6. i think a few girls bought reissues which turned out to be authentic!!! purchase on a buyer-beware policy though, they have sold fake balenciagas and chloes in the past. but i think chanel has been a-ok so far :supacool:
  7. i have gotten a few things on bluefly no problem. but the other day i bought a pair of chanel shoes and when i got them THEY WERE USED! AND DIRTY! it was pretty disgusting. of course i called bluefly right away and they were so apologetic and gave me 15% off my next purchase.
  8. yea im gonna keep checking bluefly occasionally to see if anything awesome pops up, but I think they get the stuff they cant sell at boutiques. dunno.
  9. I had bought a Chanel briefcase on bluefly. I returned it because it was smaller than I thought, but the bag was authentic.
  10. :wtf: Do they not check their returns?? :wtf:
  11. That's shocking...sell used item:wtf:to customers