Chanel Ashtrakan--Got MINE Today!

  1. I am so over-the-moon!! I may be the only TPFr to LOVE this bag. (Haven't seen others mention!!) It is TDF in real life! I want to use it today even though it is crazy hot outside

    My reasons for following in love...
    -Has the same 'feel as a classic chanel but with an edge
    -roomy (14x9x5) but more tailored to go with the fall's sophisticated clothes
    -sturdy chain...looks more like the original chain with substantial leather braided through but NOT heavy.
    Love the modern chain but alas, too heavy for me!)
    -the texture is crazy...feels so good to the touch and is so interesting.

    Attached are some photos which don't do the bag justice. I know ChanelBoy said this was his favorite collection of the fall....I now know why! What do you think...?
    chanel ashtrakan002.JPG

    chanel ashtrakan003.JPG

    chanel ashtrakan004.JPG
  2. You're right, some bags you do have to see IRL to appreciate them. I have seen this one and it really is an interesting bag with an edge.

    Congrats and enjoy!!
  3. Havn't seen it in real life but from the pictrures, it seems to be a fun bag. I so want to touch the leather :yes: Congrats!
  4. woahhh that bag looks awesome! i definitely see the classic with edgy touch that youre talking about.

  5. very cool bag! wear it well, and congrats.
  6. I know my Chanel price perspective is out of whack this year..but it is a lot of bag for $2495!
    love, LOVE, love IT...

  7. I always like a bag that is a bit different than the classic look. Good for you - go for it!! The texture looks so interesting.
  8. Wow I'd love to see that bag in real life! The texture is very unique and edgy looking.

  9. Hi it looks really cool enjoy
  10. I love it, just think you may be the first PFer to own one. It looks like lots of fun to carry. Congrats!
  11. congrats!
  12. hi Pursemojo, what does the leather feel like? is it soft or firm? does it look like it's durable/easy to care for? I'm all about the odd looking bags so I'm loving yours!
  13. congrats!It's beautiful.
  14. I totally agree that pics don't do it justice. IRL it's elegant and edgy at the same time. Love your bag and I hope you enjoy it!!! :heart:
  15. I haven't seen it in real life but it looks unique.