Chanel as compared to Marc Jacobs

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  1. I posted this in MJ forum as well.

    How do you all feel about MJ bags?
    If I am going to spend approx. $1,500, would I be better off buying a small Chanel rather than a MJ?

    I am wondering if MJ style will last over time while Chanel seems to be a classic. Any of you own MJ also?
  2. I don't have MJ myself..soo, I would prefer buying Chanel..or add a little sum of money, you could get the big one!hehe

    what do u plan to buy?>;)
  3. Marc is cool...but IMO, only for now.

    I'd save up a bit more $$$ and go with is a classic. Look at it this way, it is an investment!
  4. i would get chanel. it's such a classic and good investment.
  5. sorry, we don't allow duplicate posts.
    I'm closing this one, but if you'd like, I can move your MJ thread into Handbags and Purses for more exposure, just LMK.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.