Chanel Apres Ski Moon Boots

  1. :wlae:GAWWWWWWD how I want those boots from the fall/winter 2006 sport line. If anyone, I mean anyone or anyone's uncle, friend of their lettercarrier, grand niece of there bus driver, knows where these can be had.....puuuuuuulease contact me. I've even been scouring eBay 2ce daily! Saw an older seasons pair in white but they where a wee too big for me.:wlae:
  2. do you have a photo by chance?
  3. oh....let me see...i know that they are pic'd currently on website in sport f/w 2006....
  4. only pics i can find are on the chanel website and i dont think im allowed to copy and paste from there.
  5. These?


    (not me in the pic by the way)
  6. ^^^ Nevermind, i just read your post again. The ones above are motorcross and a few years older.
  7. you mean these?
    chanel moon boot.jpg
  8. I see that Chanel does things like Posh Spice's ski outfit (all $16,000 worth) and skis. Is any of that stuff really any good?

    I'm a huge ski fan and have never heard of any "hard core" skiers taking Chanel's stuff seriously or even mentioning them. Never seen a ski shop carry any of the stuff. Same with motorcycles (e.g. those motorcross boots). I don't to offend anyone with my question and don't intend to..but is the stuff really just for the Chanel look as opposed to really having any performance quality?
  9. i doubt it has anything to do with performance.

    it's just like many hardcore watch people hate the j12.
  10. ^^ btw, the jackets that Posh Spice uses when she goes skiing is not from Chanel. It's a high tech and expensive brand, can't remember the name now, but they make really nice ski clothes
  11. ^ I assume she has more than one ski outfit. :smile: I know I saw a picture of her in some magazine that said "Posh Spice with her head-to-toe $16,000 Chanel ski outfit." No actual picture of her actually skiing though. I wonder if she's one of those that gets all dressed up and just hangs out at the lodge the entire time.
  12. Those shoes are SO BEAUTIFUL!
    I would die to have them, but they're from last year right?
  13. Hi,
    What size are you looking for? You are talking about the white ones with the Classic Chanel Gold & Leather Chain wrapped around it, right?:tup:
  14. I know the pic you are refering to with the head to toe $16,000 Chanel ski outfit. The skis are not made by Chanel, rather the cosmetics are an overlay that are put over another companies skis, like Rossignol or Dynastar to make them look like the are a Chanel ski. So actually the skis are fairly decent and the only actual Chanel thing is the overlay. Also the ski clothing comany that Posh typically wears when not wearing Chanel is Bogner. They make stunning ski clothing and it is popular among celebs as well as olympic athletes and national teams. I hope this helps! Sorry to hijack the thread!
  15. old thread I know but for the reference shots I thought I'd post a pic I saved of the original design in black and mine in white that I broke out to wear in the snow yesterday

    The white are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC
    20237_297574941606_605636606_3987144_7084394_n.jpg IMG_0957.3.jpg