chanel ankle boots w/ pouch

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  1. No,no! Don't return it I have shoes in grey w pouch bag and often I don't wear the pouch cos U can't wear it with jeans and I often wear jeans! Those boots R great looking whit or without p!
    It has same heel like my in grey and R super comfortable 4 that hight! So don't return it nonono!:nogood:
  2. Keep it. The boots are gorgeous and the pouch would just get in the way.
  3. I love the boots! and would definitely keep them.
    I think they look great with or without the pouch!
  4. The boots are great!!! Also you can take them to a shoemaker and they can lower them a bit. I love them.
  5. The shoes are great! Keep them !! ;)
  6. I take the pouch off anyway so for 80% off, I'd KEEP them! Congrats on finding them at such a great price!
  7. Keep them and actually it looks more classic without the pouch and of course timeless. Congrats that you got them at 80%. Love your purchases!!
  8. I have them in 2 different colors, and I love them. They are so comfy, and cute. I wear them with the pouch and skinny jeans. Definately keepers!!
  9. Maybe that's why it's 80% off? No pouch = heavier discount?
  10. Keep them for sure!!!! :biggrin:
    congrats on such a great deal
  11. i LOVE them!! keep
  12. u shud keep them!! it looks great without it as well. 80%off with no pouch is a great deal!!