Chanel and the book "Deluxe - How luxury lost its luster"

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  1. Hi Ladies, I am back from my trip. I missed reading about everyone's new Chanel purchases, I will have to spend a great deal of time catching up. But to everyone who got a fabulous Chanel while I was away - Congrats!! :yahoo:

    I read from cover to cover the book "Deluxe - How luxury lost its luster" by Dana Thomas. OMG!!!! This a fabulous book. While it talked about all the major luxury brands, there was great reading on Chanel and Coco herself. :cutesy:

    Really, if you haven't read this book, you should. I haven't sat down and read a book cover to cover in years, but really enjoyed this book.

    Typical with first prints - some typos and strange sentence structures, but the book was impossible to put down.....however one part of the book, or actually in multiple parts it stated a harsh, harsh reality that "The average markup on a handbag is ten to twelve times production cost. At LV thirteen times..." So with all these increases at Chanel - Chanel must be waaaay past the thirteen by now....hate to even think about it.:push:

    So, I didn't as I picked up my black patent timeless clutch at NM today....hehehehe.:p
    Now, I have to decide do I really need or want both a black patent and black lambskin in the timeless clutch...might return one.:rolleyes:

    Well, I better get busy checking out what everyone has been up to...:smile:
  2. I'll have to believe in my little head that if LV is 13X then chanel is lower, most of LV's are canvas afterall, and not all are handmade like Chanel!:biggrin:
  3. ^ LV handbags are all handmade :yes: I can't think of a bag that isn't.

    But yes you're right, lots of LVs aremade of canvas and Chanel is leather...
  4. ooh i want to read this book even though i hate reading
  5. so the local borders have it, i'm gunna go pick it up!
  6. Trust me ladies, it is worth the read.

    I got mine at Barnes and Nobles bookstore.

    I don't know what the real markup on Chanel is....but I know they have a great deal of my money...hehehe:p
  7. interesting, I'll pick up a copy tomorrow..
  8. Welcome back, good to see you! Did the book make you less likely to buy luxe items?
  9. Welcome back! I saw it on I think I'll have to get that one and hope that it won't change my mind about buying designer bags.
  10. Welcome back!!!

    I'll pick up a copy tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Hi, thanks for the welcome back....Honestly, I went thru a lot of being, how foolish this is...meaning the amount of money being spent on items way over priced. But yet everything has mark ups, so I thought about it and and it is more than just a leather bag, it is as the book puts it "a part of the dream...", it is a feeling that doesn't come with other lesser items and yes, this is a vicious circle that consumers and society create and the ones getting rich are laughing all the way to the bank. Unfortunately the true artisans who started many of these luxury companies are not in control any more...they have been outed and these companies become part of the mega luxury logo money machine controlled by a few luxury groups now. Even the story about Coco and the family who owns Chanel will raise an eyebrow. But in the end I still am like most caught up in the perceived luxury of the various items and what it conveys to me and well as others...and found myself picking up my black patent timeless clutch today at NM....But it is easier to look at other bags on the shelf and see the real picture not just the logo....I am part of this society that men and women have created and will always want and desire many items for many complex and not so complex reasons...but I have to say today, I saw a bag that was $4150.00 at Chanel and I found myself doing the math...and thinking "no way" and walked out...So, yes and no to answer your question....:girlsigh:
  12. Welcome back home, and thanks for posting about this book! I've been meaning to read it. I'm new to really high-end designer handbags and feel completely sucked in by the allure...the marketing is definitely doing its job. I don't even want to face the idea of markups/selling the dream!
  13. I know what you mean, it is all part of the way the world is - good, bad or indifferent.
    Can't stick our heads in the sand and not enjoy life, just be wise about what we all already know, but this was a real reality check. You know how it is when you know something, but it is sort of way in the back of your head, well this brought everything front and center. On another note, the history and commerce education was great reading.

    Actually it is pretty crazy...that I went and picked up a new bag today...LOL!! Just call me addicted.:nuts: I hope if they lock me away in the nut house, they dress me in Chanel....hehehehe.:p
  14. I bought that book on Amazon and it's been sitting on my desk for a week now. I've been too busy to pick it up, but you've inspired me to read it sooner than later. Thanks!
  15. ooh ya i just ordered this very book on Amazon this morning--can't wait to read it now esp with your endorsement! as a consumer i do find the markup a bit disheartening, but as a business person i want to be the goliath that is chanel today. for now, i'll still buy into the chanel fantasy!!