Chanel and/or Dior makeup!

  1. I LOVE IT! Does anyone else use it? Do you like it? Chanel's makeup brushes are even fabulous! I use Chanel Teint Innocence with a brush for foundation, and then one of their lip pencils, glossimer and blush and all kinds of other stuff. It's ridiculously expensive but it seems worth it to me because a little goes a LONG way and it seems to last longer and work better than clinique or anything else.

    Do any of you use Chanel makeup? What about Dior? Their addict gloss and DiorKiss is amazing. Tell me your favorite dior or Chanel products and why!
  2. I just starting with the chanel line. I went for a makeover there about a week ago and ended up buying $400 worth of stuff, 2 makeup brushes, the large serum, concealor, hi-lighter and toner. I got a cute bag with extras, nude lip liner, chance body lotion and more. I haven't tried the dior line though.
  3. i use chanel makeup. I love the preciosn lotion, i use the one that makes my skin not turn so red. I tend to get red in the face. I use there make up brushes , eyeshadow, bronzer and lipgloss . giggles is my favorite lip gloss color. i really do not love there eyeshadow colors , too matte for me or maybe they are just too thicke. but over all .. they make great makeup.
  4. Which highlighter did you get? I ended up with the big tub of white instead of bronzer. I went nuts at Chanel when I got a makeover from them. I switched from Clinique. How is their concealer? I've thought of trying it, I still use Clinique's liquid-to-powder tube concealer.
  5. I use Chanel bronzer, lipstick and mascara. I don't care for their foundations. I much rather YSL or Armani for foundation and eyeshadow, etc.
  6. I keep hearing about this Armani foundation-- where can I get it? Is it any good? And I want YSL lip markers SO BAD. I just can't buy YSL around here, we only have Dillard's, Penney's and Sephora. :crybaby:
  7. You can get Armani at certain Saks. I don't think they sell it online. I know they sell at the main store in NYC. YSL you can get at NM and Saks. I think also Bloomingdales.
  8. ^^Yeah we have none of those. Thank God I can get Chanel at Dillard's and Dior at Sephora.
  9. Well then you should move. LOL
  10. I think I got the same hi-lighter as you, the white stuff in the tub. I'm still playing around with it, not sure if I'm using it right or if its even doing anything. I started a thread here last week but not too many replies. On it shows the video of how to use it. I really like the concealor. I wasn't using any at all and its made a difference.
  11. i like both brands of cosmetics. their cosmetics don't give me breakouts at all and they are all so pretty.
    lipstics: aquamarine-waikiki, rouge allure- surprise & sillouette (the packaging is so unique)
    lipgloss: blizzard
    makeup brushes - the set
    i've been using the makeup brushes, aquamarine and lipgloss for a few years now.
    i also use their other makeup products but these are my favorites and ones that i keep on re-purchasing.
    lipstick - ultra sheer gloss, eyeliner, limited edition detective palette, dior show lipgloss, skinflash

    as for chanel concealer, i used the little stick one before. the one that you twist out. i think it is pretty good. now i use cle de peau concealer.
  12. i also tried dior pressed powder before. it is very smooth and it feels nice but i didn't like the packaging.
    i use Nars pressed powder now.
  13. I love Dior makeup. They're my fav. makeup line. I love their lipgloss. I have some Chanel makeup, the package is really sleek, but I dont think the lipstick is as good as it could be and Im a HUGE chanel fan, but I love the Chanel lipstick where you click in. I do, however, like both Dior & Chanel makeup tho. They dont go to waste, I use them a lot.
  14. i only use chanel and love it.
  15. I absolutely adore channel makeup, :heart: their lip gloss is amazing, i also bought a bunch of they quad eyeshadows and im totally converted!, i know its pricey compared to some but in my opinion its absolutely worth it :yahoo: Ive almost been using their Precision toner, i havent totally made up my mind on this one although i have been eyeing up their teint innocence foundation (still debating whether i should buy it as ive never worn foundation before :shrugs:) I used to use dior makeup although ive stopped buying their stuff since ive been converted to most of the channel products but i totally love the dior backstage mascara its one of the best mascaras ive tried (and ive tried loads!)