Chanel and Milo Manara

  1. Well, I don't know if someone of you no-italian PFs knows Manilo Manara, but I think it's considerer one of the most important comics writer and illustrator of Italy.
    He was also a dear friend of Federico Fellini (do you remember the movie "La dolce vita"? With the famous bath in the Trevi's fountain?).
    Well, today I found he did some illustrations for a Chanel brochure. I'm attaching pics, enjoy! :flowers:
    03-11-07_2106.jpg 03-11-07_2107.jpg 03-11-07_2210.jpg
  2. Very interesting - thanks for posting!!:smile:
  3. Ali those are lovely!!!:girlsigh:
  4. Thanks for posting.
  5. So interesting he sketched for Chanel !:yes:.I can see the sensuality running usually in his comis on that one too!Greek men love his comics hehe!;)...but living here in Vienna lately, I have no idea if they actually know about him-they should I suppose though!- since the press I get in German is very limited !Thanks so much for sharing with us Alice!:smile:
  6. What a piece of art! Def. more enjoyable than what we have in the US! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Very cool. Thanks for posting!
  8. Thank you ladies for your nice comments!! :flowers:

    Stefy, I found it at "Limoni profumeria". There was a free sample of a cream, it is a promotionale brochure for the new Precision line of creams.

    Chanelspell: it's very interesting to know, I was not sure if Manara was very popular abroad, here in Italy for sure!

    BTW Onyxbear your dogs are so cute! :smile: