Chanel and keys

  1. they do, well it's similar, I don't hava a picture though..... it's not as flat and instead of a zip top it has a small flap.....I think I like my LV's better.....
  2. Thank you Lola! I hope someone has photos!
    Is it from the Cambon line or other?
  3. I used to have this one:

  4. ^ That's the one I have. ;P
  5. Great thread - I'm looking for a Chanel key case too!!

    Sina, yours is gorgeous!
  6. I agree, great thread! I want a Chanel key case as well. It just doesn't feel right to have a LV key case or cles in my Chanel bag, with my Chanel wallet, and altogether Chanel LOVE! :biggrin:
  7. I know this is a super old thread, but I have been on a mission to find a cute chanel key ring or key holder. Each time I am in the San Francisco boutique I ask and the SA always says no. Has anyone seen any cute key rings or key holder (like those 6 key holder wallets or the change purse/key holder walle) lately?