Chanel and Baseball

  1. A week ago, someone suggested I take my green bubble quilt to the Yankee playoffs for good luck being that my bag and tickets arrived the same day. Well, I did and they won!! It was an amazing game and I will be there tonight with my bubble quilt.
    I have decided that from now on, I will justify all my bag purchases by saying how lucky they are and make sure to purchase in sync with our favorite sporting events.
  2. Haha! That is awesome. Go Yanks!
  3. I'll have to share this story with my husband, he is a total Yankees fan! Good for you!
  5. LOL, oh man! you really cracked me up! but oh well, see, we do get superstitious! :smile:

    so how was the match?

    xo, C
  6. Let's Go....... Yankees!!!!!! :dothewave:

    I really hope they can win!!!!
  7. :lol: Funny!
  8. Haha Thats Awesome!! Gooo Yankeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
  9. very interesting..

    I wonder if Aussies carry their favourite bags to a footy game or cricket..
  10. I like's funny...I wish YANKEES win too! GL