Chanel and Balenciaga prices in Singapore ?

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  1. Hey
    Im wondering about the prices for these two bags in Singapore specially since im going there near the end of the year. So excited !!
    Im especially interested in the Balenciaga Le dix, Chanel Caviar ( with the silver there one in existence in that or am i imagining things ? ) and the Chanel 2.55. If anyone of you have been to Singapore and know a figure of the price, please post im desperate to get my hands on those bags. :love: :love: :love:

    thanks !
  2. One thing I'm 100% sure is, Chanel 2.55 cost around SGD$3,090. Balenciaga Le Dix cost around SGD$2000 plus. I've never heard a Chanel caviar in chains. If I know one with metal chains have to be Chanel reissue vintage 2.55 quilted leather sling bag. That one cost around SGD$3720.
  3. what about the price for a chanel caviar ?
  4. Chanel caviar should cost less than SGD$3000. Not too sure.