Chanel and Balenciaga make me HAPPYYY


Which B bag do you like BEST?

  1. Grey City bag F/W 2006

  2. Giant Brief in Marine Blue S/S 2007

  3. Rouge City bag F/W 2007

  4. All!

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  1. Salut mon cheri! I'm new here and my favorite designer labels are (always) Chanel and Balenciaga.

    I've decided to share my Balenciaga collection (quite small, unfortunately since I'm a late starter. I only got my first Balenciaga City last F/W in Paris) and my newly acquired Rouge City of F/W 2007!!! Wooot. Talk about hotness. I'm not sure what the actual name of the color is but I know it's rouge... something. If anyone knows, kindly enlighten me, merci beaucoup! :heart:

    PS: I am dyyyying to get my hands on the Magenta! Anyone who knows where to get it or is selling it, please let me know! I've missed it once, I can't miss it againnn :sad:

    (Apologies if the photos are huge, I tried to make them as big as possible so you baggers can see them clearly!)


    My 3 lovely Balenciagas yummyyy!

    Will post more of my Rouge City bag the next time! :smile:


    My FIRST BALENCIAGA LOVE! From F/W 2006. Never will I abandon her! She's so beautiful, even after I've overused (oooops I toured with her the entire europe) her! The grey is sooo beautiful, the color goes with eveerrrything!


    My yummy Marine Blue Gold H/W Brief S/S 2007.
    I've used it a few times (maybe less than 10) and it's a great eyecatcher but I find the h/w a tad too heavy! I'm FOR the city bag with tassles anytime anyday :heart:


    I just have to share with you my recent Chanel purchase...

    Only piece left! Just had had HAD to get it! Tell me what you think!


    It's a long flap wallet by the way! It is in patent metallic red leather (the smell of it is like my new city bag, orgasmiccc) and it's so soft! And reasonably priced for Chanel!

    Tell me what you think! :heart:

    Love ya bagfans,
  2. Great collection! thanks for sharing! :smile:
  3. Gorgeous Chanel wallet!
  4. Gorgous collection!
  5. Mine is Giant Brief in Marine Blue S/S 2007
  6. beautiful collection!
  7. Love your photo of your 'FIRST BALENCIAGA LOVE! From F/W 2006'- lovely detail in the leather. looks great well worn!
    Chanel purse is heaven!
  8. nice collection ... I believe the color of your Bbag city is called tomato ... if its from fall 07 collection ...
  9. Great collection.
  10. i love your collection! :heart:
  11. Beautiful
  12. LOVE ur balenciaga collection and love the skull key ring too!!!
  13. Love your collection
  14. gorgeous! love the chanel too!
  15. Fabulous!