Chanel Aloha Sandal Sizing Help

Jun 5, 2008
I bought several Chanel Aloha Sandals during the sale season. I'm having issues figuring out what size works best for me. Of my 3 Chanel Pumps, I'm a 40 in 2, 41 in one. I'm typically a 40 in CL, JC, MB, you get the picture. Originally, I ordered a 40 but then also ordered a 41 because I read on other threads they run small.

The rubber thong part of the 40 fits. It's comfortable, but my heel goes over the sandal in the back. The 41 is larger. It still fits and I can walk around but there is extra room in the front and the back and is more loose in terms of the rubber thong fitting my foot.

I need to return the one that doesn't fit but I know once it is returned it will be gone so I can't return the wrong one.

Help from those that own these... Does the rubber thong part stretch? Can it be tightened? Go down or up?


Mar 11, 2007
I think you & I have the same foot size. I don't own these, but all the ones I tried, the 41 fit best. Especially if your feet are at all wide.