Chanel Agendas?

  1. I am trying to decide between an LV agenda and a Chanel agenda, but i can't find any pics about chanel's agendas...does anyone have one?? or better yet any pics?? :graucho:

  2. i have the LV agenda small and medium sized ones so far i can say that its easy to use and nice too. i dont have the problem in maintaining since mine is in epi black (for the medium) and a lv mini blue (small)
  3. i have heard that the small becomes annoying to write you find it like that??
  4. sorry to bump... but i was wondering would the cambon agendas be a part of the sale??
  5. since i dont have much to write :biggrin: i didnot feel it was annoying to write but maybe if you are in a hurry, it would be hard to write when you leaf through the left side part of the agenda since it has little support (few paper only) your hands tend to bump into the rings but overall the reason why i love it is bec. it can easily fit into my bag without that much added weight :flowers: hope that helps

    i really dont know abt the chanel agenda since i have not seen one and i didnot hear anybody talk about it in the chanel sale section of this forum
  6. does anyone have pictures of the chanel agenda? it sounds adorable and i think i might be interested in one too! i'm just a bigger fan of chanel than LV so i would get the chanel one.
  7. The mini LV address book is impossible to write in, the small and desk agenda are the best and has the monogram all over it, very nice stuff.
    Haven't seen the Chanel angendas but would also love to see a peek=a=boo.
  8. i'm still searching for pics of a chanel one but no luck :hrmm: I think now would be the perfect time to get one with the sale and all... sometimes i hate that chanel isnt sold online :rolleyes: at least then i could find pics easy! :amuse:
  9. i knew that last sunday they still had some pink cambon agendas left at a store i rang. i was so tempted.
  10. i forgot to check for agendas at Saks on friday lol i might have to make another trip as online still isnt being any help
  11. I think there's one on It's pretty gorgeous, I think it was the black with black patent logo!
  12. Nevermind, I just looked at that auction, and Teresa is stamped inside the agenda!
  13. hehe...that would be a good deal for someone named theresa.
  14. omg thats exactly what i want! why wasn't i named teresa?? lol at least now i have a pic thanks doublec!
  15. boo teresa! why did she have to ruin that nice agenda? LOL