Chanel agenda

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  1. thinking of getting an agenda for new year. does anyone here has one by Chanel? if so how much did it costs and the size?

    I looked at LV small agenda cos that is the size for me but i saw a very simple chanel agenda in an old mag and thought it looked quite nice.

    pics would also be great if you have it.

    thank in advance
  2. Did you do a search? Someone bought one from the outlet in recent months.
    {maybe keykey?}
  3. I bought one from an outlet a couple of months ago. I paid $200 (I think...?) for it. I absolutely adore it!

    I don't believe the outlets have any agendas for sale now (went there a few days ago) but regular stores have a couple of different styles available. One of the styles is made of that gorgeous metallic leather and comes in black, rose gold (sort of peach-y), and silver. Another one is from the Cambon line and if you go with black with white CC, the lining is BRIGHT pink!!!!! Love it! Both styles are around $450.

    Hope I helped! :yes:
    agenda 1.1.jpg agenda 2.1.JPG
  4. ^^Your agenda is adorable. I love the pink!
  5. I saw your pink agenda in another forum and yes it looks very yummy. thanks for posting pics.
  6. unfortunately i do not live in the USA, there is no chanel outlets in here, unlucky for me.
  7. Thanx Swanky,
    I got my Chanel agenda by calling the 800# and had a SA find it for me at a Boutique in Waikki, HI. She could only locate 1 so I felt extremely fortunate to have found it. This was about 4 months ago. This is the Cambon agenda w/ the white cc's and pink interior. I paid about 475.00 - 495.00...something like that. Size approx. 5.75"h x 4.5 Here are my pic's!
    2007-01-01_210001.JPG 2007-01-01_230001.JPG
  8. ^^ I have the same one in beige w/black CC's! It's an adorable one :love:
  9. I :heart: this!
  10. Im trying to find a Chanel agenda, but the rep in the Orlando store said they have been discontinued for about two years now. What is the 800# that you guys used to get yours?

  11. When i stopped by NM in newport beach i saw a few agendas. The same ones that likeafeather77 had said. They came in silver and gold metallic leather and came in various sizes, big ones and small ones. Those are the only ones ive seen though.
  12. unlucky me too:sad:, we don't have any Chanel outlets here in Southern California either:crybaby: