Chanel Agenda

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  1. Ladies!! I sort of need your help with something.
    I'm currently a senior in high school, I have to do my final exams in may.
    I'll be starting college next year and what better way to start college than with a brand new agenda.
    At first I was thinking about a LV but I really like the Chanel agendas too.
    I like how they are very classic and I've always loved Chanel.
    However, I have no clue about chanel agenda prices, sizes etc.
    So tell me.
    What is the average price of a Chanel agenda? (I was thinking a small size caviar leather. About the size of a LV PM)
    Can you refill them with non chanel inserts?
    Which agenda would you recommend?? (pictures ;))
  2. Chanel does not always have a line of agendas like LV. Sometimes there is a small one like the LV PM and last time I saw it the price was about $500 and that was a couple years ago. I know there are two larger sizes out now in lambskin and caviar that are between $800 and $1000.

    Here is the smaller one from a good seller on Ebay

    The inserts are standard filofax inserts
  3. the chanel ones are quite nice but harder to come by. have you considered H?
  4. Thank you ladies
    I might look into H as well then, or e-bay ;)