Chanel Agenda

  1. Have anyone ever seen a Chanel agenda at any stores? It seems to be really hard to find and i cant believe they dont make any. LV has plenty of different types of agendas, but they discountined the one i liked the best.
    there are no Chanel Agendas even on eBay !
  2. Sorry to interrupt this thread but is that a legit place, because i see some great stuff in there! thanx
  3. I have one that I think is from 2004. See attached pic. I got it from Neiman Marcus.
    CIMG0893s.jpg CIMG0894s.jpg
  4. the agenda from PL is a good price, but it's been up there a while. I assume because it has someones name embossed on it.
  5. THanks for reply maxter! As you can see, i'm still looking for an agenda :smile:
  6. Yes, i remember seeing this Theresa agenda there. It has been there for a long time. I wonder what would happen if i just press my name right on top of this one! haha!
  7. Oh I've been dying for a Chanel Cambon agenda, I wish it didnt have a name imprinted in it...I almost think it might be worth the $$ off to just put it up with it as everything else seems to be in good condition...
  8. I bought this Chanel agenda at the Chanel Boutique when I was in Rome, Italy last week:heart:
    See attached pic. They also had the Chanel Cambon agenda in black with black vinyl cc, and in beige with black cc.
    chanelagenda1.jpg chanelagenda2.jpg chanel-agenda-open.jpg
  9. What size agenda is it, it's a beauty!
  10. Harrods has quite a good selection - and they ship overseas,too.
  11. I will try calling Harrods too, Thanks
  12. I remember seeing a Cambon one at Neiman in SF last week.
  13. they use to make caviar timeless CC agendas but not anymore :sad:
    You cannot special order them either.

  14. I am hoping to get a lambskin one that matches my wallet....:love:
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