Chanel agenda (prices, your opinions etc)

  1. Hi ladies!
    I still don't know if I'm going to buy an agenda or not. I posted on the LV forum to get a feedback about LV agendas and now I want to hear from you Chanel lovers! :heart:
    I saw mainly two design on agenda looking at reference library and old threads: the Cambon one and a caviar one. I also learnt that there are no official Chanel refills.
    So I would like to ask if you know how much an agenda is in Italy (or if you know prices in Euro area) and if you prefer LV or Chanel agendas and any other random thougts you may want to share with me! Thanks in advance!!! :flowers:
  2. I was asking myself the very same question when i was deciding which brand to go for, chanel or LV. at the end i went with LV vernis pomme PM agenda. the reason because of the color. i love it so much.

    i have not seen any agenda by chanel in real life and so far only seen two designs as described by yourself on magazines.

    I do not think chanel does refills but LV definitely sells them all year round.

    in regards to the price i think it was around $400 but with the prize increase this may have changed already.

    in terms of preference, well you are in chanel forum so i would assume everyone will vote for Chanel.

    I will say go for the one you like most. LV has more designs to choose from and i love my LV pomme.

    good luck
  3. As much as I love all things 'Chanel' I wouldn't buy an agenda. I prefer a Filofax which has more room for papers and they have all those nice refills and organizer accessories.
  4. Chanel sells agenda? wow. I always have this idea that agendas cannot be found in their boutiques nowadays.
  5. Thank you ladies for your comments.

    Yes, the fact that Chanel doesn't make refill was stated by Swanky mama of three, so I'm 100% there aren't any.
    Maybe they don't think agenda is so appealing for customers while LV did really a big range (damier mono mini lin epi vernis etc etc).

    I think I changed my mind and don't buy an agenda, 400 $ is too much for something I will use very few times, better save for something else, like a pair of shoes :p
  6. I've only ever seen the cambon agenda and a light patent silver agenda with embossed symbols (I think it's called from the Precious Symbols ligne???). Anyhow, I just saw the silver one today at Chanel Ala Moana.

    As a whole, I like Chanel better than LV. If I were in the market for an agenda though, I'd probably go for LV since it's cheaper. I also really love the designs of the LV agendas. Chanel agendas are just too hard to find!
  7. I agree with u all chanel been hard 2 find.. and the refills too.. so if u make a decision which i think u already did luk for sum LV they r nice 2 they go from like 200 and up.. and they sell the refills and even sum adds like 2 customize your agenda, so its a gud idea paying so much for an agenda and that you dont have 2 worry for wasting the papers, you can always get more and they are like 30$ and up i think; and probably they gonna last you more than most of your agendas:shame::okay: ...

    Enjoy Ur Holidays!! People!! :flowers::flowers:
  8. I own both LV & Chanel agenda. LV is fun for it's material's print like Mongram, Vernis, Epi, Damier etc. But Chanel is more useful IMO b/c the design is simple, I don't have to open or snap the button/buckel back everytime i writesomething in it. The pen loop is also big enough to use regular slim size pen unlike LV's only fit their pen. It's also more rare than LV. As far as refill goes, most LV Agenda owners uses Filofax inserts anyway or Hello Kitty
  9. Ali, I would go for a LV if it is an agenda. I don't know why but one main reason it is more durable and more easy to maintain. I cannot refuse that I have to take care all of my Chanel bags than LV to make them look great as new.
  10. I am a die-hard Chanel girl but I own a LV agenda. The canvas is so indestructible, I just had to get it. Plus, I love the koala buckle!
  11. Thank you ladies! Your opinions were all usefull! It was nice to hear opinions from everybody who has Chanel and LV agendas!!
    In the end I decided that with same money I could buy Dior or Tod's shoes that I need more, but sure agenda will be mine in the future and I will be considering your points of views. Thanks! :smile:
  12. Not having the matching paper would get to me. I don't know but I just can't think of myself getting un-LV refills. Anyone else feel the same?