Chanel Agenda Inserts...

  1. Why doesn't Chanel's agenda have it's own inserts like LV or Kate Spade? Nothing wrong with the free Filofax inserts it comes with, but i just can't help but wonder why not produce their own inserts? For those of you with Chanel small size agenda, what inserts do you use besides Filofax?
  2. I just bought a little LV agenda and went ahead about bought teh inserts from them too. . . last time I'll do that! LOL!
    I'd like some fun ones, too bad Chanel doesn't make some.
  3. You might want to try some sanrio/Hello Kitty refills... it'll go great with that hot pink interior! :smile:
  4. ^but the sanrio near me never have those item, their target customer are pre teen, needless to say, i'm wayyy past that stage.....wish I was in's HK dreamland *sigh*
  5. I use the filofax inserts and some hello kitty or blue bear (does anyone know this character? its a character from korea) inserts. So adorable! If Chanel made it's own inserts, though, I know I wouldn't be able to resist! Love Chanel!
  6. ^^Blue Bear-buba from Korea's Morning Glory!!! They are super cute, even my boyfriend likes them :lol: err, hope he won't see this post lol
  7. I'm totally addicted of Sanrio, San-x and Morning Glory!! :smile:
    Sure I love Blue Bear!!
    There is a website called "all things kawaii" and then try to take a look at them, they have links of sellers of cute stuff - most of them ship only to USA and that's a pity for me, but take a look you won't be disappointed and eventually discover how cute San-x characters are, esp. Wanroom and Mamegoma!! :graucho:
  8. Forget to mention janet stationery fun and "my tarson" on eBay! :smile:
  9. if i buy agenda refills from japan (sanrio) is the dates and everything different then the usa?
  10. i was worried about that to, but technically its still the same date and day (its just the day before/after depending where you are).

    so its monday morning on the 24th here, but its still sunday the 23rd in america, and there in the USA tomoro will be monday 24th
  11. No, the dates are the same.
  12. ^ yes! :yes: