Chanel Age-delay serum...

  1. Anyone use this? Just wondering if it's worth the money.
  2. Do not spend your money on that -- I got the serum + the cream, both are crap. No effect whatsoever, and the cream was totally drying my skin.

    One of the biggest wates of money, and I am a cosmetic junkie. I would probably survive nuclear attack, I have so much stuff @ home and using/trying so many different products.
  3. Everyone's skin is so individual that I've learned it's pointless to ask others how they liked/disliked a product. You will get every answer possible. Me and my sister do not use the same anything (moisturizer, shampoo, etc) because we react so differently. The creams I love will make her break out, or the conditioners she loves make my hair dry, etc.

    I personally LOVE the Age Delay line from Chanel. I started using them about 7 years ago because I won a Chanel gift basket with them in it. I've used the moisturizer with SPF (for day), the night cream, eye gel, and serum.

    The moisturizer makes my skin look great plus it has SPF, the night cream I adore. The eye gel and serum did NOTHING for me. In fact, strangely enough, the serum breaks me out! Not sure why, since none of the other products do. The eye gel was like putting water on, says it's good for dark circles/puffiness which I don't have so I switched to a cream.

    All in all, you have to TRY the products yourself. Most Chanel counter are very generous with samples. I never buy a product for my face unless they'll let me sample it first because I tend to break out. Tell them this and go to a few counters if necessary and you'll easily have a week or two's worth of product to help you decide if it is the right product for YOU!
  4. I agree. I am having issues of aging that have just popped up and I've been thrilled with most of the Chanel products I have tried. I have also found that some don't work as well as others. They have skin care samples and it really helps to try something for a week or so before commiting to buying it.
  5. Do you know that Consumer Reports did a study (They actually used some great doctors and dermatologists to assist) on facial products including some high end items, professional lines, drug store lines etc. Do you know what they found worked the best? Oil Of Olay brand of skin care, eye creams and anti-wrinkle creams. I'm in the beauty industry and I use some of the top lines available today! But you know what, I went right out to CVS the next day and bought Oil Of Olay night cream, day cream, eye cream and anti-wrinkle/sunscreen day cream!!!! I'm no dummy! I'm also in my 40's so you KNOW it has to be done!!

    All you younguns out there....take care of your skin!! Start now, not when you wake up one day goin', "What is that? I've never seen THAT before!" DO IT NOW!:p
  6. I didn't like the smell of it, I tried quite a few of Chanel skin products but it is strange that to me they had a very wierd smell even though they are fragrance fee. I just didn't like any of them.