Chanel addicts


Look out Singapore!!
Jan 10, 2006

If I didn't know any better - I'd say you have your own personal Chanel boutique!!!:graucho:
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Quirky and Cool
Mar 20, 2006
I have never asked a man to buy me a bag and no-one ever has.

Not only would my hubby never spend that much money on a bag (though he earns over enough), he frowns upon my spending my own money on bags. I have never even used my white washed caviar jumbo because I'm scared of what he'll say LOL.Will break it out for Christmas.

Jealous of those with understanding partners!!


Are we there yet?
Jul 23, 2007
Sweet Carolina
My hubby thinks I am crazy, but at the end of the day understands this is my "thing" as he calls it. I am only fortunate to get a few high end bags a year, but DH looks at it like they are collectibles (which they are) and I will have them forever. My daughter will inherit a beautiful vintage collection. Only one other friend knows about my bags. My parents would freak out and so would my BF. I guess it is a little secret I keep!


Sep 26, 2006
bf asked for a christmas list. there is a chanel bag on that list.:graucho:
if i know him, he will buy everything else on the list and then some, and not get the handbag.:Push:
i gave him the ph# of my SA and even my gcs from the last egc. :P
i called my SA and advised him to make it as painless as possible bc this will predict his future handbag buying.:sweatdrop:
i'm still not holding out for it. i think i am accepting the fact that he does not get it and probably never will.:shrugs:
to him since i have "so many" handbags,it is not as special a thing for him to get me....
i am content buying my own though. not a big deal in the grand scheme of things....;)