Chanel addicts

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  1. What do your significant others think about your love of Chanel?? My DH bless his soul, pretty much always gives in and thus I have so many bags but he doesn't quite get why I need a classic in like every color possible and how could I possibly wear all of my bags? And of course the price - sometimes he thinks the price is justifiable but most times, he thinks I am nuts...he has his addictions too (video games) but as he says it, he can buy hundreds of games for the price of one bag and would love for me to have an obsession like books or something!!

    What kind of reactions do you guys get?
  2. Surprisingly, my mom has accepted my extravagant penchant for Chanel items. I'm sure she would love it if I were more like girls my age and was more interested in cheaper luxe brands like Coach or even Gucci.

    My dad completely does not understand AT ALL why a bag should cost 2k+. Precisely the reason why he has no idea how much my collection is worth, LOL. If he found out, I know he'd freak out!

    Don't have a significant other at the moment. I do get jealous of other girls that have boyfriends/DH's that buy them Chanel goods. Not that I would only go out with someone who would be my "sugar daddy", but haha, it's such a sweet gesture. Most guys are so anti-expensive purses.
  3. My DH isn't quite a sugar daddy - in our case, we lived overseas for two years and were fortunate enough to have two large incomes - thus the bags ... now there is only one income, but bless his soul, I still managed to get a few bags this year. I know I am lucky and missisa, don't worry your prince will come! Just make sure you prescreen him or train him on the merits of Chanel:smile:!
  4. LOL! Oh no! I hope my post isn't misconstrued. Anyhow, I didn't mean to call any who is lucky enough to have generous DH's or SO's as having sugar daddies. I just meant for me personally, I wouldn't go out with someone just to get those things. :shame:
  5. No worries - I know what you mean!!!

    But like I said your prince will come and I was kidding about the training part - but it does help!!:graucho::graucho:
  6. my dear bf just bought me my first chanel for our 2 year anniversary!!!! he is very understanding and have bought me other bags(lvs, guccis, one balenciaga on the way from SAC Nordstrom to my doorsteps, LV tivoli coming very soon going to shorthills tomorrow so.. cross your fingers!!!!, etc.) he knew i was obsessed with bags when he met me, and realized what kinda mess he got himself into.:yes: after my first chanel... i am completely ADDICTED and want more to come and already planned on purchasing my 2nd and 3rd chanel very soon!!:p

    and he is definitely my sugar daddy!!!:nuts:
    but i am his sugar mommy when it comes to watches... we compromise VERY WELL. i am more willing to spend money on buying him his watches and other obsessions than on myself. and he is more willing to spend thousands on me and my bags than he would himself. Thats why we work so amazingly well together:heart::love:.. sorry if i am braggin a little. but he's my sugar daddy and i am his sugar mommy~
  7. ^lol, well as long as it's mutually beneficial, it cancels itself out LOL! Congrats on your new Chanel!
  8. ahhh.. the main person who funds my bags is my (sour not sugar) daddy! lol, surprisingly for a man, he sure loves to shop! it's funny how my mom is the opposite - she doesn't shop at all. i am always amused by how my parents have swapped roles. my dad's the one who buys us bags LOL. :graucho:

    as for my 'significant other', i have been single for quite a while now and am loving every moment of it! my previous exes didn't understand why i could spend thousands on a bag that i would probably use for a while and they think i'm too much to maintain, too 'extravagant' for them but i guess this is a matter of 'choice' and 'lifestyle'. they can't take the challenge i guess? oh well, *shrugs* that's why i haven't met the one yet!
  9. ^Same boat! I'm 18, and have only ever had one boyfriend. LOL. It's kinda sad actually.
  10. I guess I am lucky enough. My bf support my shopping addiction very much.
    I am not only a bag crazy but also shoes, jeans, accesoories crazy.
    lol I think you can call him my sugar daddy. he is a bargain shopper himself.
    but if it is for me. He has no budget limit.
    We are both in early 20th. so we dont really have much funds.
    I am very satisfy what I have and appreciate what I got.
    He says as long as I am happy, everything is worth it.
    hehe...bags are our kids...though he sometimes says we might have "too many"
  11. my DH would say "huh?"

    LOL! Ignorance is bliss ;) and I plan on keeping DH blissful :laugh
  12. I'm single (sigh) so I have no one to answer to about my purchases. someday though (crosses fingers) LOL
  13. I buy all my own stuff, my SO knows I'm obssessed with bags, he just giggles.
  14. My DH is an absolute keeper! He never says no. He also doesn't know the exact amount I own.
    Sometimes I wish he would, since I don't have any willpower of my own.

    Trained him that way...(right, harley?) just kidding...he knew I had a bag addiction since waay back!

    I'm supposed to be on a self ban...(not to buy anything)... that lasted 2 days. :lol:
  15. In the same boat as you Swanky!;)