Chanel addicts with Babys...

  1. how often do you wear your chanel with you?
    i'm having a baby of 1 year and i'm living in the country. my everyday activity is to walk with the baby sitting in the baby buggy :tispy:.
    i enjoy it but it is not worth to wear one of my chanel bags with me. :hrmm:

    i usually go out with my escada sport bag and only at the weekend i have the opportunity to wear chanel.

    how about you chanel mommy's?
  2. I wear my Chanels reguarly and I have a 1 year old. I usually wear my cambon bags during the day when I am out with my child. However, is we are going somewhere fancy (ie, wedding or christening) I willl wear one of my classic flaps, you can still wear Chanels with a child!
  3. Hmmm... I think I'm back to my normal life again.. LOL.. I probably won't wear my Chanels whenever I'm on a day out with my baby. I can't just put my Chanel on the floor / ground whenever there's something wrong with my little baby! Hehe.. I guess using my Chanels will have to be for work / date with my hubby... (I hope that often!)
  4. yeah, i agree. i only use it for shopping or dates with friends or family,special events... but only for walk with baby, no.
  5. i use mine a lot even with my 1 year old. the classics and totes. :smile:
  6. 1 year old is quite ok.. But a new born?? No No..
  7. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old and I've been using my Chanel bags the whole time.
  8. I think I have to buy a chanel which I can use everyday.
    (but after chanel sale i have to wait until next shopping tour...)
    I'm having 6 chanel bags but I think they are not for everyday. maybe a shopper which is not so expensive like the others :graucho:....
    what do you guys suggest?
  9. If I go for a walk w/ my DD (she's 14 months) I just grab my LV Monogram Perforation Key and Change Holder. I don't need to carry a bag when I'm out walking. If we go shopping, I'll use any bag. I've used my MC as a diaper bag. When DD was first born I used my luxe ligne metallic black shopper a lot.

    Now that I'm having another one, I'll still use by bags with my kids. I'm not too worried about kids ruining my bags, although I'd rather use something lined in leather and not fabric if I'm carrying anything that could possibly leak.
  10. My babies are 10 and 4 but when the younger one was around 1 I did carry my cambon alot. It is so lightweight and easy for kid outings. I didn't carry my fancy chanels though.
  11. When I go out for walks with my 16 month old, I just take my LV wapity. It holds cash, cell phone, and my keys. If I'm out for the day with him for baby activities, I just throw the wapity in the diaper bag. It's just too much trouble to carry 2 bags, and I like an organized diaper bag, so Chanel totes don't work for now. LOL.

    When he's a bit older and needs less stuff, I'll use my Chanel totes on a daily basis with him around.
  12. In my opinion, some of the Chanel bags seem too heavy to use everyday when out and about with a toddler. I will carry a LV tote or a Gucci messenger instead.