Chanel Act2 - Winter 2009 Lookbook "Coco Cocoon"

  1. Little Tsarina you are really GREAT! Thanks again for the update.
  2. Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for the photos!
    Is the bag on the right hand upper corner a beige patent reissue? Do you know what sizes will be available?
  4. Sunyi, this bag is the "2.55" available in 3 sizes, 4 colors & 2 material :

    A37586 16x24x7
    A37587 14x28x8
    A37590 22x31x9

    Light Jade 10410
    Light Pink 31410
    Charcoal Grey 81307
    Light Beige

    Y02419 for Lambskin

    It is also available in Jersey in 3 colors (Pale Jade, Charcoal Grey & Light Purple).

    For the retail prices, please ask your local Boutique !

    A girl called LittleTsarina :queen:
  5. Hi Little Tsarina!
    Thank you so much for the details! You made my day and i cannot wait for the Light Pink in Lambskin to be out.
    Is it the distressed lambskin , and will it be in stores anytime this year?

    You are the greatest!
  6. No, it's the normal 2.55 bag in lambskin....

    Call your local boutique to know when the bags are going to be launched !

    A girl called LittleTsarina:queen:
  7. Hi LT!! Bisous bisous!!:kiss: Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pix!

    I'm all for the "WILD" this time! Python 2.55 is something lacking in my collection as I only have 1 python classic flap!!!!! :nuts: Do share with us more info when it's available. Maybe I should check them out in Paris next month!:graucho: Will they be available by then?

    Oh...besides the lambskin 2.55 that you mentioned, will there be matte distressed calfskin 2.55 available too? I remember you mentioned before that there will be a beige and chocolate color coming? Will this be in Act 2 as well?

    Thanks again for the eye candies!! PARIS HERE I COME!!:yahoo:
  8. Tell us something more about the motte python, Littler Tsarina :queen: , please!

    Is this material used in the Twisted collection as well as the Wild 2.55? I hope they will be available when Mia and I are in Paris next month.

    I can see in my head that there will be these two mad girls each holding a Chanel carrier bag with a motte python handbay inside, LOL! :lol:
  9. MiffY,

    I'll do some research and get back to you to provide you the information.

    A girl called LittleTsarina:queen:
  10. Thank you!
  11. Here, you will find a beautiful picture of the Matte python bag :,1,2,20
    The bag is more than 20'000 euros.....:p

    A girl called LittleTsarina:queen:

  12. I went to the Chanel boutique and I saw it with my own two eyes. I LOVED the size...i'm a tall girl (5"11...6+ depending on which heels i wear) and it looks really cool on my frame...what i don't like is the material it is made out of.

    I tried on the tweed one and within seconds from my wearing it lint already started sticking to it. I would totally get it if they had the caviar leather one available.

    All in all i love the shape and style...not for everyone but definitely for me using a different material:smile: