Chanel accordion reissue: Shall I keep this bag or sell it ?

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  1. Hi girls,

    I need your help in deciding whether I should keep this bag or sell it. I have a baby and I need a small bag which can be carried as a crossbody as well with diaper bag . I was looking into my collection and came across this small accordion reissue which may serve the purpose though I've not used this bag for years.The problem is I'm not sure if I love this bag enough to carry it for some time. It's a nice bag but I feel the corners of the flap is kind of popping outside (not sure if I'm making sense) and not a fan of aged leather either. Still I like reissue style and black on black is definitely a beauty.

    Wondering what you all think about it?

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  2. If It was my bag, I would sell IMHO I am not a fan of accordion style. I prefer reissue 226 or 227. Good luck with your decision!
  3. I would see this and get the 16S all black reissue in size 225 or a classic mini :smile:

    You get the aesthetic and also will not likely be tire of it. Reissue also folds flat if needed and easy for fitting into the diaper bag.
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  4. I completely understand your dilemma-I'll buy the perfect bag, and sometimes down the road, it won't quite make sense with your new lifestyle. Perhaps it's time to let this one go just because you haven't used in a few years. The resell on your reissue will probably be decent since it's the so black series. Perhaps you can sell it and get the pre fall so black issue that just came out if you're still into the reissue. 😊
  5. I think it's gorgeous, but if you don't/won't carry it then I'd let it go.
  6. I would totally use this to death, but that's me. Since it folds a little on the sides and has hardy leather, you could use it without worrying about damaging it with a baby.
  7. I don't find accordion style bags functional for the things I need to carry but it is a beautiful bag. If you are hesitant however I would sell.
  8. Thanks I'm still debating if I should sell it as when I took out to take pics, I couldn't do it. I think I'm hopeless :smile:

    Thanks for your input. I didn't know reissue can be folded flat. This a good thing to know. Still debating if I should sell or keep this bag.
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  9. Thanks for your input.I do that all the time, buy a bag and then after a while it won't make sense for me. However, I'm still not sure what to do with this bag as when I contacted my nearby reseller, they quoted $950 for this bag which IMO is very low and I won't be able to save enough for another Chanel. Also, on a different note,just wondering if you know the retail price of so black bag?

    Thanks I think it's beautiful too. Still, I wish I could sell it but seems like I may not end up getting a decent price. I hope the new reissue is not as expensive as the regular M/L or jumbo.
  10. Thanks, its true if I use it I won't worry about damaging it and may end up getting a good use of it.

    Thanks I think it's a beautiful bag too.I always liked accordion as they keep my bag organized but it's just me.
  12. I think I'll have to keep the bag as people are quoting extremely low price (tried yoogiscloset as well). Seems like reissue is not as popular as the classics. Anyway, I think i'll buy some crossbody for myself and this bag will go back to my closet as it was earlier. Kind of disappointed but won't sell it for that low price. I'd be better off giving it to someone in the family than selling.
  13. I know this is old thread but OP did you end up keeping this bag? How do you find it using it with a baby?
    Can it be worn crossbody and not look too bulky?
    I have fallen for this bag as it has the look of the reissue with the extra space in the double compartment. I also have a baby and a toddler so the extra space is what I'm really excited about, without having to use a large bag (eg (226 and jumbos are too big for me to wear crossbody) yet I can still get the classic chanel reissue look in a small bag.

  14. I think the price you were offered is too low. This bag is gorgeous and at that price to fund another Chanel bag may not be wise. Can you get a beautiful preloved Chanel at $950.00? If you will not use it that is one thing. You may regret it later on.
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