Chanel accordion/flap bag with gold hardware

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  1. Hi,

    I have enough of the classic flaps and reissues and would like to increase my collection of chanels with other designs. I tend to end up with the dressier styles and less of tote designs most of the time somehow...

    Recently, a certain design caught my attention. I was too engrossed with the classic collection and this design never caught my attention previously. I think chanel always has this design but in seasonal variations which I think is described as the Accordion or the large flap bag? I think chanel has something call the timeless flap which is in caviar leather and somewhat considered a classic but I just don't like the huge CC on the flap. I always prefer the cute CC turnlock to huge CC prints.

    I came across this style at this website:

    Has anyone seen this chanel bag before? I vaguely remember someone mentioned in TPF she got this very same bag during sales but it was in Ivory color (not black) for something like $1820??? The original retail was about $2600. It is from 11P which means from last fall. I always thought sales bag means the style is not popular... Does anyone have any idea whether the black version went off at $1820 as well? Do you think this is a nice design or would it look dated some time maybe next year? The theme is retro with retro aged looking gold chains that looked different from the usual styles... I kind of like the retro style - black distressed calf skin (instead of lamb) combined with rich gold chain strap, quilted large front flap with the cute CC turnlock. But I am thinking since this is from 11P past season will it make sense for me to buy it?
  2. image-2908888683.jpg

    Erm, I think the leather parts of the straps are supposed to be on the shoulder, and chains are through the grommets oops!

    11P means its from 2011 spring/summer collection. I've tried it on IRL. It's more roomy than Jumbo despite its smaller length and height. That's probably because of its greater depth and less structured shape. And I don't really mind its fabric interior. The downside? The chains didn't seem to slide easily from single to double when I tried it.

    But it's still a good everyday bag IMO. I don't think it will look dated. Accordion flaps seem to have been around for some time now.