Chanel 8 KNOT---

  1. I called the Chanel 800 number yesterday am to track that Vintage Ligne Tote in Brown. Well as you know there are no more in the company. Chanel will not be re-releasing that style again.. However she did a query for me to see if something similar was available.. and she found that during Fall Act II there will be an 8 knot bag similiar to this one- tote style, its not on the web yet and she was not sure if the stores had gotten all the info on the bag.. But it comes in a dark Green, dark Brown and anther color, and its in lambskin retails for 2395- has anyone else got a whiff of this ligne ???- I am waiting to see if this is something I will like...
  2. I listed for the tote at a trunk show for the very same reason, to try to satisfy my longing for the missed vintage ligne tote. When my bag came in, I ended up not getting it. It was a fit question only, not a beauty/soft, lovely leather one! It was yummy. I love for a tote to be an easy shoulder carry. While the straps fit easily over my shoulder and were thick and soft, the top of the bag bothered me, just standing up in its normal shape. It has no real closure, but can be folded over to make more room. It may be totally idosyncratic, but that bothered me -- the look, the feel. The fold over seemed more natural on the other style of the Eight Knot. I just mention it as something to consider, though another person scooped up "my" bag without a second thought and loved it. I might have gotten used to it with more use, but I didn't want to experiment when it wasn't total love at first sight. I hope I don't regret it.

    My other alternative to satisfy my vintage tote plus Lady Braid longing was the large LB tote. I'm still holding out for this beauty. I finally saw one at a second trunk show and was surprised at how heavy it was, even empty, but I need to try it again.
  3. Roey posted this photo from her SA at the Seattle Nordstroms:

    Is this the one?
  4. Chanel boutique in SF had this tote last week.
  5. I also saw a hobo style in a luscious brown. This was actually one of the few bags I liked for the fall ligne.
  6. Here you go addison, I found this in another thread:

  7. I saw the 8 knots IRL.. It's soo gorgeous!!
  8. thank you all.. I did not even realize I had already seen it in Roeys post. I looked at the pictures and not the names- silly me. I guess I missed it because it looks nothing like the Vingtage Ligne tote... lol

    thanks, role4me, tln and maxter for the info