Chanel 6014 Sunglasses

  1. I realllly want to buy a pair of Chanel 6014 sunglasses and I'm debating between the 808/73 and 879/73 models. Unfortunately none of the stores around me have them except in black or brown with silver. I already have other sunglasses in these colors and need to expand my color options for my collection haha. I found a site online where I can buy them- but I'm still torn between the two colors. Does any of you have pictures of you wearing the glasses that you could post? I can't really get a good feel for the color on any websites- sometimes the gold on the 879/73 model look silver. Any input? Thanks in advance!
  2. Could you let us know exactly what colors are 808/73 and 879/73?

    I have the 6014 in brown with gold, and the gold never looks silver at all. In fact, I wish it did, so I could wear them with my silver hardware bags. I don't take pics of myself wearing sunglasses so can't help you there.
  3. i have this pair in brown w/ gold. the gold defnitely looks gold!
  4. oops i just realized how unhelpful my last comment was! haha, but from that picture, that is definitely the gold CCs. (that's how mine look but IRL, it will look more's probably just the lighting)
  5. The retail on these sunnies is not $572 and change as per the website, more like $335 or so. I just tried on the brown/silver at Nordstrom yesterday. I love the style of these sunglasses and could have one in every color!

  6. Yeah, I noticed they inflate the retail prices to make it seem like you're getting a better deal. Their "deals" are actually just retail haha. I tried on the black/silver and brown/silver at Sunglass Hut (they didn't have the other colors) and the retail was around $350. I wish I could buy them in every color too! They fit SOOO well! Thanks everyone for all your help- I'm going to buy the brown/gold ones!
  7. Does anyone have pictures of these???? And can you buy them at the chanel boutique or no?
  8. I would also love to see a pic of these on, please , please please someone model!!! Be brave, we will all appreciate it so much!
  9. No one has these? Pleeeease help us :smile:
  10. i think the exact retail is $335 (pre-tax), not 350...
  11. i went to Saks nyc and the chanel boutique yesterday to look for these - the SA checked his database or whatever and said these were sold out in every color company-wide. if you spot them anywhere, grab 'em!
  12. Can someone tell me if these are the oversize look? That is what I am looking for. HELP!
  13. are you serious................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i want them so bad.
  14. Nordstrom in Chandler, AZ has them. They will do a charge-send if you call and ask for the sunglasses department. And if they don't have the color you want they can order it from another store for you.