Chanel 5171 - sunglasses with bow

  1. Hi all
    According my SA, it's a classic design so it will come in every season usually.
    My local store just restocked them.
    I got mine in 'tortoise shell' frame with brown bow. Love it !
    I Also saw the purple frame with purple bow but I think those were of last year's season
  2. Saks in Texas has them. I just got a pair last week :smile:
  3. I juz got my pair of 5171 in purple bow. Love it v much. Btw does anyone feel that the frame is too close to the face and that it is loose when wear on the head? Or is it only me?
  4. Bumping this thread :smile: does anyone know the price and also availabiity in New York City??
  5. I just got mine and they're $290.
  6. I saw this for €220 in Paris. Just for comparison.
  7. I just bought mine with a cute green bow :smile:
  8. I have the white bow and red bow but would love green! Do you mind telling me what store you got yours from? TIA
  9. I have the black with black bow and I love them :smile: I bought them for $290
  10. Anyone know where to find the 5170 model in black with white bow in the US? I've called several Nordstrom and Bloomingdales with no luck
  11. Oooh please post pix. It sounds good so im thinking it really looked good.
  12. i just got a pair from Nords after xmas and they def had them at other stores. i would call a store n make sure they check their stock in other stores. HTH :smile:
  13. You can also try Sunglass Hut. They carry the 5171 sunglasses with the white bow.
  14. you can order from as well, I saw some ladies on here recommending that site. And it's about $100 cheaper on that site than in the States. I ordered mine a couple days ago, can't wait to get it!
  15. I am wondering it is authentic or no. I just check the price almost 200$, it is cheaper 165$ in Canada store.
    I just bought 1 last week from store 365$+tax in Chanel store.