chanel 5120 sunglasses! pix!

  1. does anyone have the chanel 5120 sunglasses? i think theyre the 2008 version of the 5018 sunglasses. im VERY interested in the 5120s but im wondering what they look like on a person. if anyone has them please post pix! thanks!!!
  2. yessss
  3. I don't have any pictures, but I know we carry them at Nordstrom. They look GREAT on, and come in a few different colors (I dig the tortoise and b&w). You should go try them on in the store!

    Sorry that I can't be of any help. :p

  4. really? wow i would have never thought Nordstrom would have them :smile::p
    thanks ill try to see if one nearby has them :tup:
  5. i saw them at nordie's but in light brown. so i drove down the street to bloomie's where i found them in black and white. i :heart: them and they are more reasonable in price than the 5018's.

  6. oh i just got these! they are similar to the nicole ritchie ones i got from cruise 07 but they feel lighter. they're just as cute!!
  7. Does any know the available colors and price tag? thanks!
  8. my SA sent me this pic on this sunnies too, i love the big frames, gorgeous!
  9. i believe they're 325 and they come in tortoise, black and white, and creammmm i believe at Nordies.
  10. i just got them in black & white... SO cute! :love:
  11. i got the turtoise and b&w ones. they really look great on~
  12. Well ladies, show us the pictures! :nuts:
  13. I just saw those at the Bellagio... they looked very cute!
  14. hey girls! yeah i just got them last week! I LOVE THEM! here's some pictures
  15. [​IMG]