Chanel 5120 new sunnies

  1. Since I missed the trunk show because my in-laws were in town, I stopped by Chanel to take a look around. I put my name on the list for the long distressed clutch in Navy, but I'm unsure if I'm ready for another bag. (lol who am I kidding :lol:)





    [​IMG] :supacool:

    ...Chanel sunnies are addictive. There were quite a few lovely designs out.
  2. Love, love, love them!!
  3. they are really really pretty!
  4. I have those in black/white. I adore them! They look great on you.
  5. They look great in tortoiseshell, and on you!
  6. love them~ congrats!
  7. I have the exact same pair and put pics in the accessories thread! I like how the CCs are small (I'm not into big logos) but yet the lenses are SO ROUND and BIG lol :smile:

    Ooh, and what did you get at YSL? I wish I had a boutique in town.
  8. they ARE Addictive! I love those and I LOVE the texture on the side!
    I'm all about texture, I think that's why I love Chanel's quilting so much:love:
  9. oooo... fab! w/ all the new 5120's being posted, I might need to "suggest" it to my D-BF because V-Day is around the corner! -They look GREAT on you... congrats!

    p.s. what did you pick up @ YSL? I miss YSL, it's had to take a backseat to Chanel and by dabbles in LV
  10. :lol: Exactly the reasons I bought them! I don't like to advertise on sunnies, they should be funky on their own :biggrin:

    I nabbed a pair of earrings from YSL :biggrin: I think their costume jewelry is really fun and not bad prices either :biggrin:

  11. I think texture is highly underrated! Chanel has done a lot this season with texture, putting leather or just raising the plastic, I am addictingly tempted to buy another pair this season when I'm usually a one pair per summer season type of girl :biggrin:
  12. I love the color and the shape.
  13. I love the sunnies!! Wear them well!! Congrats!:yes:
  14. I've the same pair but in black/white!!! So Beautiful, isn't it!!! U look absoultely stunning in it.

    Huge congrats!!!
  15. Love these and they look so great on you, congratulations!

    I've tried these on over the weekend, but they so do not suit me, unfortunately. So I bought another pair instead. :supacool: