Chanel 5084 Sunglasses

  1. Does anyone know where I can find these? They are out of stock everywhere! Not even any on eBay.
    Do you prefer these or the 6018? Thanks
  2. ^ I think they really are completely gone - they sold out straightaway and you'd have been very lucky to find them even not long after release.

    I think your best bet is to keep an eye on eBay and snap them up as soon as they appear! Or have you tried calling Chanel?
  3. No I sure havent! I will try tomorrow, thanks!
  4. how do they look like?
  5. I dont know how to post pics on here yet, but I have seen several pictures of them on here. They are like the 5076 mother of pearl, but rounder. I looked all day today and had no luck. Anyone know where I might can find them?
  6. here's mine for reference, I had no idea they were sold out.
    I like this shape way better than the more common squarer pair.
    IMG_2080.jpg DSCF1860.JPG

  7. Would you think of selling them?
  8. If you know anyone in New Delhi, India, you can get them at the Chanel Boutique and the smart sunglasses place in Khan Market (fairly smart ex pat shopping market). They had lots and lots of them, at least when I was there in October 07.

    They always have lots of stock, esp old stock not available in the west. I found this out when I was living there about a year ago, sadly though I didn't find the Olsen/Nicole wiggly frames when I went back there this Oct.

  9. no of course not, that's strictly prohibited here! :biggrin:
    But I love them, I won't part with them ever!:biggrin:
  10. to anyone who wants the nicole/olsen sunnies, there's one at my local Myers in Perth. Check it out, they have a great range!
  11. Oh sorry! :yes:
  12. Oh, sorry OP, i thought you were talking about the ashley sunnies!

    My bad - the 5084s may not be sold out all! :shame: