Chanel 5080 sunnies redundant if I already have 5076?

  1. Hi, I already have the black mother of pearl 5076 sunglasses, but I am really drooling over the 5080s (the crystal ones on Denise Richards) in black. Are they too similar to justify buying 'em? Should I get a different model? Thanks.
  2. i don't think they're similar at all. i think you should definitely get the 5080. they're gorgeous!
  3. I have the Denise Richards pair in brown and a mother of pearl in black. . . very different:yes:
  4. And how much did you guys pay for the 5080? Thanks!
  5. I have the Denise Richards pair in brown... I love them!
  6. I have the 5080 in both brown tortoise and black and had the 5076 in brown at one time. They are not similar at all; in fact, the frames are very different.
  7. I have the brown 5080 (D. Richard's) and I really love them. When I went to NM it was between those and the 5076. IMO they were different in design but they fit the same way. I think choosing sunglasses according to your face shape is so hard that if you can find a pair with the same fit but different look I would def. go for it!

    Mine cost $400 after taxes.